LI-Y.E.S - Board of Directors



George & Pat Smith - CEO and President/631-698-4657

George Smith came from a large family of 16 children where money was scarce.  He knows all too well what it is to grow up in constant fear of not having enough as a child.his passion to help kids come from the place of knowing.George did not fall victim to the past.  Instead he became a victor through his efforts to rally the support needed to create a brighter future for other children in need.  He was inspired by the generosity and encouragement he received  from families who was there through his difficult times.  He shared many stories of the support and opportunities he received from families that helped him in his time of needs.

With hard work and dedication, George has paved the way for other unfortunate children and has helped change the focus of the youth in the community positively.  George is a motivated possibility thinker with business savvy.  He knew how to get things done and he did.  With the help of friends, family, donors and many sponsors , he was able to launch a project that would save many lives by starting the Selden Centereach Little league.  The league was very special .  Their desire was to leave no child behind and to give all children the same opportunity.

Today, George continues to support startups for children in the community and beyond through the efforts of his Y.E.S. organization.  

George story is a true inspiration to us all: That no matter who you are or where you come from, when friends, family, community, a little church, a dream and a whole lot of love comes together, one dollar can and will go a long way to touch and transform lives for the better!







Alan Holtz - Executive VP

Alan Holtz worked in New York City in the union as a tin knocker. He helped started the Centereach Little League.  He is an active member in the church and worked as a private home contractor.  Ken Sisco was brought up in Selden, Long Island.  He also played in the Selden little league.








Susan Young - Educational 

Susan Young has been an educator for over  2 decades.  Her stellar performance inside and outside of the classroom separates her from the others.  Susan represents the true meaning of "perseverance."  Susan always had a passion for teaching and learning. She aspire to become a teacher at a very young age.  As a single mother of 5, she was able to pursue a teaching career by working 2 full-time job and attending school full-time. It wasn't an easy task as money was very limited. However, with hard work and dedication, she was able to accomplish her goals.  Susan now holds a BS in Mathematics and 2 MS, one in Early Childhood Education and the other in School Building Leadership.  As an educator, Susan work very hard to help students of all ages excel and reach their full potential.  She also worked in many different schools and was not satisfied with the results.  she has seen the disparities in the schools between the rich and the poor. She wanted to close the gap of learning. In 2017, she established her own tutoring service "Susan's Tutorial"helping students and families who are academically challenged and Financially disadvantaged.  Her philosophy of teaching has always been that "All children can learn, they just learn differently."  Her goal is to meet the needs of all students by going above and beyond.  Her vision has always been to inspire, encourage and empower all students to be life long learners.  Susan Young also plays a big role in the South Jamaica Queens Community where she came from.  She volunteers and perform charitable events  at the church such as (Soup Kitchen, adolescent Mentorship, GED test prep)etc.  Susan is an inspirational and uplifting individual, breaking down barriers and helping anyone in need pursue a successful life.







Aaron Durant - Junior athletic Director 

Aaron Durant is a 15 year old prodigy.  Aaron resides in Selden with his mother and 5 siblings.  He currently attends Saint Mary's High School in Manhasset.  Watching his older brother play basketball, Aaron took a love for the sport and dominated it.  Aaron participated in many sports (Lacrosse, track, cross-country and basketball) He dreamt of becoming a basketball player since the age of 3.  His passion and hard work landed him a position on one of the top Aau team (The New York Renaissance).  He played on the team for 8 years, and traveled all over the country.  He has accomplished many titles including 2 National titles in 2014 and 2015.  Aaron is also an excelled scholar on the honor roll.  He plans to attend Harvard Law majoring in pre-law.  Aaron love to play chess and write stories.  He's currently working on his first book, "The School Patrol Kids," a book about fighting against bullying in the school.  He is very compassionate and loves to work with children less fortunate.  He plans to give back to the community through sports.  Aaron is very driven and determined to make a difference in this world.   He's very wise beyond his years and has a bright future ahead of him.





Ken Sisco - Executive VP East End

Ken was brought up in Selden, Long Island.  he played in the Selden Little League when he was younger.  He is now a school teacher in Southampton.










ED Farro - VP Sales and Marketing

Ed is one of our board member.  He plays a major role in establishing the Selden Little league.  He's an auto part salesman and owner of his Auto part store.  He is also a Realty Broker









Lisa Shindler - Executive Director Sports and Rec

In the Spring of 2015, Lisa became very interested in pickle ball through Adult Ed classes and started recreational play at Centereach Park NY and went from a beginner, to intermediate and then to advance player within the summer.  Lisa has been teaching Adult Ed Pickleball classes for the past 5 years and it has given her great pleasure to see her students advance and play on the community park courts with smiles while enjoying this wonderful sport.  Lisa has also been playing 4.5-5.0 skill level and has earned many gold, silver and bronze medals in local and out-of-state tournaments.  Lisa has participated 3 consecutive years in the Minto US Open Pickleball Championships and has achieved 2 gold medals and 1 bronze medal.  Lisa will jump on a court with beginners and encourages all of he players on their games.  Lisa continues to reach out to players of all ages to promote Pickleball.  

Pickleball is a fantastic way to exercise and make friends!!!









Rick Kristiansson - East End Director 

Rick is one of the board member of the East end division of the LI-YES organization .









Vinny Mangano - East End Director

Vinny is currently aHigh school Math teacher.  He taught for 38 years at the Southhampton High School where he was department chairman and was awarded Suffolk County Math teacher of the year for 2016.  Vinny began playing Pickleball in 2016 in Southhampton and in Orlando, Florida and have served as Ambassador of the Southhampton area in 2017.   Lions Club for the past 18 yearsVinny retired from coaching High School football at both the Southhampton High School and Westhampton Beach High school for over 40 years.  He retired from the NATA after working as a certified Athletic trainer for 38 years.  He also retired from coaching High School football at both the Southhampton town Volunteer Ambulance after serving 8 years.  He is currently a member of the Southhampton Lions Club for the past 18 years.  Vinny is also a member of USAPA association and provide pickle ball lessons as well as organizing court play at SYS and other local venues.  Under his direction, 4 dedicated outdoor pickle ball courts at the SYS site for Southhampton court is being constructed.









Cynthia Buckley - Public Relations

Cynthia is the daughter of George Smith.  She handles the Public Relations for the LI-YES organization.  She runs a beauty business and is very active in helping and supporting others in need.










Ken Savelli - Director of West End 

Ken Savelli is a certified Pickleball Coach.  Throughout the last 50 years, he has gained valuable experiences in many areas. He retired as  a Chief Operating Engineer in 2014. He spent 30 years operating various high rise office towers in Midtown N.Y.C. He directed a crew of 5 engineers  teaching them the safe use of 480v electricity.  This was a very important role as it was vital in keeping the tenants warm in the winter and cool during the summer.  Ken also coordinated building needs with cleaning personnel and security management.  His motto has always been "Work smarter, Not harder!"  He has always stressed the value of working together as a TEAM!

After retiring in2014, he discovered the great sport of Pickleball!!  He has been active both playing and teaching Pickleball, tennis, and table tennis.  He is also a Professional recreation specialist for the town of Riverhead, NY.  His experience has included instruction to children ages 5 years through 16 years old, beginners through adults.  His focus was to improve their skill level in the Pickleball game.



Jeanne Rivalltoni - VP Staten Island

Jeanne is one of the board member and Vice President of the Staten Island division LI-YES organization.










Bob Calpado - N.C. Executive VP

Bob was V.P. of The Merck Shipping Company.  He's retired and currently resides in North Carolina.  His passion is playing Golf.











Dave Smith - Fl. Executive VP

Dave is the management supervisor for an insurance company in Florida.  The company handles Insurance adjustments for workmen's Comp.









Charlie Smith - Fl. Director

Charlie was the manager of "Tire kingdom".  He is currently retired and now one of the board member of the LI-YES organization in the Florida District.